accelerate your success!

Inner Keys Master Mind

Seats (5 places plus lead master mind facilitator)

Minds (Mentors who are invested in your success)

Hours of Coaching One on One Online (Fortnightly)

Mastermind Meetings (Monthly)

What you will get as a Master Mind Inner Keys Holder

Your complete program to accelerate your success.

Fortnightly Personal Coaching

One on one 90 minute coaching sessions fortnightly with a qualified life coach via ZOOM.

Monthly Mastermind Meetings

Meet with your designated group each month to accelerate each other's success, facilitated by a Master Mind facilitator.

Access to Online Courses and Books

Access to the latest online courses available  within the Academy - the full Unlock Your Power Series of courses and books.

Benefits of being an Inner Keys Holder

I am driven by a passion to make a difference, to assist people to find the success strategies for them to live their most inspired and empowered life. Everything that you need to live a more empowered life is at your finger tips. Our courses will assist you to find better solutions to current roadblocks, overcome limiting beliefs, self sabotaging behaviours so that you can be the very best version of YOU.

Action oriented

The training and coaching has been designed to provide you with practical steps to take, activities to complete, self assessment and reflection to put what you are learning into immediate action.

Outcomes focus

Inspired action steps so that you can achieve your goals a lot quicker. Each program has an integration module bringing everything together and opportunities to reflect on your progress.

Real results

Short, sharp chunks of information and learning material, in an easy to use format, so that you can understand the key concepts and put them into immediate action and get real results.

Mastermind Meetings

Monthly mastermind meetings with your mastermind group via ZOOM.

Lead by your facilitator each meeting will have a theme to assist your success. The format will be agreed on commencement of the mastermind group
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