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Unlock your full potential with success strategist, qualified Life Coach, Emotional Intelligence and NLP Master Coach, Deanna Ward.

Success is an inside job

Tap into your true potential by learning simple techniques and tips to master your mindset, emotions, habits and behaviours and success strategies.

Did you know that as human beings we only tap into 10% of our human potential? Learn how to tap into some of your subconscious behaviours, habits and beliefs to unlock more of your amazing potential! 

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What Can The Keys to Success Give You?

We are driven by a passion to make a difference, to assist people to find the success strategies for them to live their most inspired and empowered life. Everything that you need to live a more empowered life is at your finger tips. Our programs will assist you to find better solutions to current roadblocks, overcome limiting beliefs, self sabotaging behaviours so that you can be the very best version of YOU.

Action oriented

Training and coaching  designed to provide you with practical steps to take, activities to complete, self assessment and reflection to put what you are learning into immediate action.

Outcomes focus

Inspired action steps so that you can achieve your goals a lot quicker. Each program has an integration module bringing everything together and opportunities to reflect on your progress.

Real results

Short, sharp chunks of information and learning material, in an easy to use format, so that you can understand the key concepts and put them into immediate action and get real results.

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Our coaching packages

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Meet Deanna the founder of The Keys to Success Academy

Deanna Ward is a Master of Professional Communications, Master of Neuro Linguistic Programming & Emotional Intelligence Coach, qualified Life Coach, qualified Trainer and Assessor and an accredited Interstrength® personality profiler using Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). She also has several qualifications in leadership and business and is a Bachelor of Business and Languages.

Deanna has a background in business and leadership from the UK and has lectured at Edith Cowan University in Perth, Australia, working in professional and personal development programs with teams and individuals to effect change.

She runs her own training and coaching businesses and has managed several Registered Training Organisations. As well as personal coaching and training in business and leadership, she has trained new trainers into the profession and loves everything about the human psyche and what makes people tick.

She has set up and run bricks and mortar training organisations and has set up The Keys to Success Academy to provide training and coaching packages online so that you can access them from anywhere in the world without ever leaving the comfort of your own home. Bringing a world of success straight to your door.
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Our students have
a few nice things to say about us

"I recently attended the 7 strategies for success workshop run by Deanna. I enjoyed the opportunity to challenge my thinking about what is possible and work through several strategies to achieve my goals. The workshop introduces you to the latest in neuroscience. No more excuses for not achieving success! Deanna is a skilled facilitator and welcomes and supports you work through your limiting thoughts to push through to new realms. I’m looking forward to more of this when it’s offered."
"I attended one of Deanna’s “Seven Strategies for Success” I found the content to be most useful. Deanna is a very engaging speaker. I also had an NLP session with Deanna which I also found to be very rewarding. Deanna made me feel comfortable during the whole experience, and I found it even to be fun. Deanna is a wealth of knowledge around many topics, very helpful and warm. I highly recommend anyone to attend Deanna’s courses, or seek out her sessions for your own personal development."
"Deanna is a very good facilitator, engaging well with her students/participants through her demonstration of empathy, and enthusiasm. Deanna is highly passionate about behavioural sciences and transformational change, which is most probably why she makes a wonderful coach. As my coach, she is warm and genuine, making her clients feel at ease and able to build rapport with her. She helped me step out of the comfort zone and take steps towards living a life with purpose and passion.."
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